Research is a fundamental part of our business

Information developed in our research program serves as the foundation for the recommendations in all of our service programs. This data-driven approach and our reliance on the most current data available has defined Dairy Health as a global leader in animal health and production consulting. Our access to data and animals allows us to conduct a variety of collaborative research projects, including animal performance evaluations, disease investigations, product safety and efficacy studies, and new technology assessments. Our access to dairy animals and facilities under normal commercial management for research is a privilege that we value immensely. As such, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of animal care and well-being.

Making use of research for decision-making

The results of our large scale commercial field trials fuel the management recommendations we bring to client dairies. We rely on bio-economic modeling to translate the biologic outcomes observed in the research studies into “dollars-and-cents” to determine the most cost effective solution for the wide variety of economic and production scenarios our clients face. We also work with individual client dairies to design and conduct research projects designed to evaluate site-specific strategies.

Types of Research

Small scale pilot studies

Many technologies and management strategies are initially tested on a smaller scale to determine if subsequent large scale commercial field trials are warranted. We have the ability to conduct pen-level “pilot” dairy studies at several facilities in different regions of the United States. We also have the ability to conduct a variety of individual animal-based pilot studies at commercial dairies and calf raising operations within the United States.

Contract Research Projects

Dairy Health works with pharmaceutical companies, feed manufacturers, government agencies, and other industry partners to conduct product safety and efficacy studies for the licensing of new veterinary pharmaceuticals, or new indications for existing pharmaceuticals. We also work with companies to perform Phase IV validations and comparisons between products currently licensed and available for use in lactating dairy cattle and dairy replacements.

Large scale commercial Field Trials

Large scale field trials on commercial operations are a rare commodity in the dairy industry. Dairy Health has adopted and adapted the approach first pioneered by our partner, Feedlot Health, over 35 years ago to allow us to test new ideas and technologies under the same conditions that occur in commercial dairies at a scale that lets us discern economically important differences in performance. As production practices evolve, we continually adapt the large-scale commercial field trial model to conform to current production practices. We now conduct large-scale commercial field trials at numerous sites throughout the United States.

Publicly Funded Research

Dairy Health has conducted numerous publicly-funded research trials covering a range of topics from assessments of new technology and management strategies. These projects are generally collaborative efforts involving partnerships with academic institutions, independent research firms, and government agencies.

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