The Dairy Health Team

Meet our Professionals

Frans Vokey, MS, PAS

Title: Managing Partner, Feeds and Feeding Management Team Lead

Expertise: Dairy cattle nutrition, feeding management, facility design, data analysis, applied research, economic modeling

Location: Lowville, New York, USA

Education:  Bachelor of Arts in Physics (1996), Middlebury College; Master of Science in Animal Science (2000), Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Biography:  Following his graduate research at Cornell, Frans led an education program in commercial dairy production and collaborated in applied research for Cornell Cooperative Extension in northern New York for 11 years. He is a member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. In 2012 Frans became a founding partner in Dairy Health & Management Services.

Mark Thomas, DVM, DABVP

Title: Managing Partner, Research Management Team Lead

Expertise: Applied research, animal health management, milk quality, reproduction, employee management, bilingual training support.

Location: New York, USA

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) in 1997 – Cornell University, Ithaca, New York and Penn State Dairy Production Medicine Certificate Program in 2001.

Biography: Dr. Mark Thomas is a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) certified in dairy practice. Dr. Thomas enjoys lecturing at meetings and is also active in teaching through the Cornell Pro Dairy program, the Summer Dairy Institute at Cornell, the Cornell-China Dairy Institute. He has served as an active member of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners and is currently in the position of president-elect. In 2011 he received the AABP Merial Excellence in Preventive Medicine- Dairy Award.

Peter Ostrum, DVM

Title: Managing Partner, Animal Health Consultant

Professional Interests: Animal Health, specific interests in bovine reproduction including embryo transfer/IVF and nutrition.

Location: New York, USA

Education: Dr. Ostrum graduated from Cornell University in 1984 with a doctorate degree in Veterinary Medicine and then completed a one year food animal internship from the University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985.

Biography: Dr. Ostrum has been a partner at Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Lowville for the past 27 years and has a special interest in training farm employees.

Matthew Curler, DVM

Title: Managing Partner, Reproduction Team Lead, Data Systems Manager

Expertise: Animal health management, Pathology, Epidemiology, Economic modeling, Statistics, Applied Research, Data management, Software development, Reporting

Location: New York, USA

Education: Bachelor of Science in Animal Science (2007); Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (2011); Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Biography: Dr. Curler attended Cornell University for both his undergraduate and veterinary degrees, where he participated in the Cornell Dairy Fellows and Farm Credit Fellows programs as an undergraduate. He continued his commitment to dairy production medicine during his veterinary training, receiving the Clinical Proficiency Award in Dairy Production Medicine from Pfizer Animal Health during his final year.
After graduating in 2011, Dr. Curler moved to Alberta, Canada, taking a position as a Professional Services Veterinarian with Feedlot Health Management Services. Although he enjoyed working with beef, Dr. Curler’s passion for dairy brought him back to the States as a founding partner of Dairy Health & Management Services in 2012.

Calvin Booker, DVM

Title: Managing Partner, Professional Research and Development

Expertise: Animal health management, pathology, epidemiology, statistics, applied research, economic modeling

Location: Okotoks, AB, Canada

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) in 1989 and Master of Veterinary Science (M.Vet.Sc.) in 1992 – Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Biography: Dr. Booker completed an internship at the Ambulatory Clinic, New York State College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, in 1990 and a residency at the Field Service Clinic, Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992.

From 1990 to 1992, Dr. Booker collaborated on research efforts with Feedlot Health and became part of the team in 1992 as an epidemiologist, data analyst and production consultant. In addition, Dr. Booker is an Affiliate Faculty Member in the Department of Clinical Sciences at Colorado State University and the AABP 2006 Merial Preventative Medicine Beef Award Recipient.

Along with Dr. Kee Jim, Dr. Booker was selected by his peers and recognized by the Bovine Veterinarian magazine as one of six VIPs of Feedlot Medicine in North America.

Tye Perrett, DVM

Title: Managing Partner, Administrative and Professional Consultant

Expertise: Animal health management, pathology, animal production, applied research, economic modeling

Location: Okotoks, AB, Canada

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) in 1999 – Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.Sc.Agr.) in 1995 – University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

Biography: Dr. Perrett became associated with Feedlot Health in 2004. He also acted as president of the Canadian Association of Bovine Veterinarians – 2007-2009; and president of the Western Canadian Association of Bovine Practitioners – 2007-2008.

Stuart Hall, MRCVS

Title: Managing Partner, Animal Health Team Lead

Expertise: Animal health management, pathology, applied research

Education: Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (M.R.C.V.S.) in 2005 – Royal Veterinary College, London, UK

Location: California, USA

Biography: Upon graduating, Dr. Hall received the Royal Agricultural Society Prize for Food Animal Production Medicine. Between 2005 and 2012 he spent three years as an associate veterinarian at Valley Veterinarians Inc. in Tulare, California for, followed by four years at the Lone Oak Large Animal Veterinary Clinic in Visalia, California. At both clinics he focused on dairy cattle herd health, reproduction management, calf ranch management, and research. In 2010, Dr. Hall formed Herd Management Resources, which focused on calf ranch consulting in central California. Feedlot Health and Dr. Hall have a professional, joint venture business relationship focused on enhancing services to calf ranch operations. He is currently a partner in the firm and resides in central California, providing services to calf ranch clients and large dairy herds.

Matias Stangaferro, DVM, MS, PhD

Title: Production Enhancement Team Lead

Expertise: Reproductive physiology and management, dairy cattle nutrition, precision dairy farming, epidemiology, applied research, statistics, economic analysis and modeling, data analysis, bilingual training support.

Location: New York, USA

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina, 2009); Master of Science (Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina, 2013) with major in Dairy Herds Production; Doctor of Philosophy (Cornell University, USA, 2017) with major in Animal Science and concentrations in Physiology of Reproduction, Animal Nutrition, and Population Medicine and Epidemiology; Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell University (2018).

Biography: Dr. Stangaferro got his DVM and MS degrees at Universidad Nacional Litoral, Argentina. Thereafter, he worked as a Professor of Theriogenology in the Veterinary College of the same University for 3 years. Dr. Stangaferro arrived at Cornell University in 2013, embarking on a PhD program in Animal Science that was completed in 2017. During his program, he performed different applied research working within Dr. Julio Giordano’s Lab. His research activities were focused on dairy cattle reproduction, nutrition and health. After graduating in 2017, Dr. Stangaferro accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Animal Science at Cornell, following the same research lines. His passion for the dairy industry and his ability to work closely with farm owners and personnel make him an asset at DH.





Salvador Ordaz

Title: Feeds & Feeding Consultant

Expertise: Dairy nutrition and forage conservation

Location: Torreon, Mexico

Biography: Salvador obtained his undergraduate degree as a Veterinarian (MVZ: Medico Veterinario Zootecnista) at the Universidad Autonoma Agraria Antonio Narro in 2014. Following graduation, he was invited to be part of the Lallemand Animal Nutrition Silage Center of Excellence located at the Miner Institute in Chazy, NY where he worked as a research assistant for 5 months. He then obtained his masters degree in Animal Science from the University of Vermont in 2017. He currently resides in Torreon, Mexico where he is an independent contractor with Dairy Health, servicing our clients in northern Mexico.





German Granados, BS

Title: Consultant Assistant

Location: New York, USA

Expertise: Field and lab technician, cattle reproduction, data analysis, applied research, bilingual support

Education: Bachelor in Animal Science (2006), Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Bovine embryo production and transfer (2008) SENA, Colombia; Six months of dairy cattle reproduction internship from Cornell University

Biography: Originally from Columbia, German is the owner of a purebred cattle farm and has been working in farm management and production consultation for more than 15 years. After pursuing job opportunities within the United States in 2015, German accepted an internship position at Cornell University. In conjunction with this, he has been working alongside the Dairy Health partners since 2016.




CheyAnne Record

Title: Research Project Manager

Expertise: Animal health, Animal Reproduction

Location: California USA

Biography: Ms. Record received her B.S. Degree in Animal Science, Livestock Production Management, with an emphasis in Dairy Science from California State University, Fresno. Immediately upon graduating, she accepted a full time position with Dairy Health. She provides support to our West Coast clients in the areas of milk quality evaluation, feeds and feeding evaluation, animal reproduction evaluation, and oversight on various research projects. She currently resides in Kingsburg, CA with her husband.





Nathan Xiong

Title: Consultant Assistant

Expertise: Data management, data analysis, software

Location: Beijing, China

Biography: Nathan obtained his Master of Engineering degree at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. In 2007, he started his dairy career at Huaxia Dairy China where he gained practical on-farm dairy management experience. Nathan then joined Alta to provide technical software support and on-farm data analysis as he pioneered the use of Dairy Comp 305 in China. During those years, Nathan also worked to provide technical support and sales with Livestock Improvement (LIC, NZ) and SCR.