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We realize that our client’s operations are each unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. DHMS provides a suite of customizable service programs that can be seamlessly integrated to meet the needs of each operation.

In each of our service programs, we combine the collective experience and expertise of veterinary and animal science professionals with our proprietary data collection systems and execution tools to focus on not only “doing better things,” but also continually “doing things better.”

Our data management and research infrastructure allows the Dairy Health team to monitor and provide input to every client operation on a daily basis. We are continually combining data collected on-farm to identify opportunities for improvement, whether through fine-tuning existing operations, adopting a proven, alternative strategy, or developing and evaluating a completely new approach.

At Dairy Health we understand the operation of dairy businesses and don’t end our evaluations of new on-farm practices with the biologic outcomes; we assess the economic impact on the entire operation. A key feature of the Dairy Health approach is taking the data generated on-farm and evaluating the operation-specific value proposition, so that our clients may easily use the results to make timely, cost-effective decisions for their individual operations.

Animal Health

Healthy cows are essential to an efficient and productive dairy operation. The Dairy Health team has extensive expertise and experience managing animal health in adult dairy cows and replacement heifers. Our recommendations are based on the best available information, including scientifically valid, large-pen commercial field trials which evaluate the cost effectiveness of different treatment, control, and intervention strategies. Our Animal Health team leverages the readily available data from our ZUIVEL data warehouse and daily reporting to provide timely oversight and input on the management of an operation’s animal health program.

Feeds & Feeding

The focus of Dairy Health’s Feeds & Feeding module is on widening the profit margin, rather than simply maximizing one or more biologic outcomes. We use a data-based approach to ration formulation, rigorously scrutinizing the economic value of each ingredient and conducting economic sensitivity analyses of a variety of ration scenarios. The Dairy Health team drills into all aspects of animal performance and cost control and employs our ZUIVEL data warehouse and economic modeling to continually evaluate the cost effectiveness of the feeding program in terms of production and growth, feed efficiency, animal health and reproductive performance.

Milk Quality & Production

Shipping high quality milk is of utmost importance to our clients, both for their personal satisfaction and financial benefit. As with our other modules, the Dairy Health approach is based on data collection and analysis, conducting large scale commercial field trials, and economic modeling of research results and on-farm data to direct the formal decision making process. Our Milk Quality & Production team uses the power of our ZUIVEL data warehouse and reporting for real-time monitoring of udder health, milk quality, and milk production metrics to provide timely oversight to our clients.


Efficient reproduction is fundamental to the operation of a successful dairy, influencing all aspects of production from available replacements and herd genetics to labor and production efficiency. Dairy Health recognizes that there are many variables that influence reproductive performance on the dairy and many outcomes that determine the profitability of a particular strategy. We rely on our data-based approach and the large scale commercial field trial to evaluate new technologies, novel programs, and current practices. Our daily data replication and reporting allows our Reproduction Team to provide timely oversight and identify trends more quickly.