Data Collection

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Dairies have long been collecting and recording data on their herd’s health and performance. The dairy industry was also one of the first sectors of agriculture to adopt computerized records. Over time, new technologies have been introduced, increasing the number of sources and volume of data that dairy managers can access. Unfortunately, much of this data is difficult to access and evaluate, leaving much of it unused.

At Dairy Health, we understand that the successful operation of a modern dairy requires timely access to and analysis of on-farm data. From the beginning, one of the core values of Dairy Health has been the focus on individual animal data collection and using this data as the basis for the decision making process. To facilitate the use of the data that dairies generate on a daily basis, Dairy Health consultants work closely with our clients to put in place the protocols and tools that result in the collection of consistent and accurate data. Our proprietary data tools allow our consultants near real-time access to data generated on-farm.

ZUIVEL Data Warehouse

ZUIVEL is a data warehouse that connects a variety of on-farm and external data sources to provide near real-time, on-demand reporting and querying capabilities. Dairy Health’s unique capability to access data in this manner gives our clients and consultants unmatched support in data-driven decision making and timely monitoring of the dairy operation.


  • Includes a variety of on-farm and external data sources, including animal health and reproduction data, feeds and feeding data, individual and pen-level production data, as well as other dairy-specific data sources.
  • Data is automatically refreshed daily from on-farm and external data sources, delivering near real-time data access.
  • Provides a uniform basis of analysis and reporting, independent of the data source.
  • Pre-loaded computations allow for simple summarization of up-to-date information.


The full value of collecting on-farm data is realized when it is readily incorporated into the daily decision-making process. Often, the important nuggets of information are lost in a sea of information; other times key associations are undetected because connections between multiple data sources are not made. At Dairy Health, we have focused our reporting services on providing actionable and timely information to the people making decisions. Our reporting systems allow us to customize the information and to automate the electronic delivery of reports according to client needs and preferences.