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In today’s dairy economy, the challenge to manage a successful dairy operation has never been greater. In addition to caring for their herd, dairymen must contend with historic volatility in commodities, shrinking margins, and sifting through an ever-growing list of new technologies and strategies. An informed decision-making process and precise execution matter more now than ever before. Whether it is growing the herd, implementing the newest innovations, or managing risk, as North America’s premier dairy consulting service, we work with our clients to turn these challenges into unique opportunities for success. We provide a number of service programs that can be combined and customized to meet the needs of each individual operation. Each program includes consultation with our industry professionals and the use of our proprietary data tools.

Our Mission

Through a commitment to science, innovation, and evidence-based decision making, we will develop and maintain the premier information-based management system for dairy producers. In doing this, we will deliver to our clients a comprehensive suite of consulting services and management tools focused on improving their profitability, production, and longevity in the marketplace.